Dallas Cowboys 20, New York Giants 13
ダラス・カウボーイズ20 - ニューヨーク・ジャイアンツ13

With a steady, turnover-free performance, Dak Prescott (160 yards) did just enough Sunday night to silence growing criticism of his play after his Week 1 dud and lifted up the Cowboys' dead-on-arrival attack in the process. Dallas opened up the playbook for Dak, calling more run-pass options and deep throws this week. Prescott picked up three first downs with his legs, tallying 46 crucial yards on the ground. His first-quarter touchdown bomb to Tavon Austin exorcised whatever demons remained from Dallas' loss to Carolina and gave the 'Boys a lead it would not relinquish.




Thirty-seven-year-old Eli Manning struggled for the second week in a row, a sign that the Giants quarterback could be regressing in front of our eyes. Manning's completion percentage against the rival Cowboys was passable, but his leading receiver was his rookie running back, Saquon Barkley, who didn't do much at all with the 14 dump-downs Manning bestowed upon him. (Barkley's 14 catches were the most by a player in Giants history and a rookie in league history. His 80 receiving yards were the least by any player with so many receptions.) Far too often, Manning was taking sacks or overthrowing Odell Beckham. The Giants currently employ their most impressive collection of skill players they've had in years, but their stockpile of weapons is useless if Eli can't get them the ball in space.









Jacksonville Jaguars 31, New England Patriots 20
ジャクソンビル・ジャガーズ31 - ニューイングランド・ペイトリオッツ20

Save for the sauna-like environment as the hottest home game in Jacksonville history, this contest was eerily similar to the AFC Championship Game for three and a half quarters. Blake Bortles was in an uncanny rhythm, the Jaguars were dominating up front on both sides of the ball and the Patriots lacked any semblance of a big-play element. Whereas Bortles and the Jags coaches shrunk from the moment last January, they remained ultra-aggressive this afternoon. Down 24-13 in the middle of the fourth quarter, the Patriots opted to punt on 4th-and-inches from their own 19-yard line. Bortles promptly hit Dede Westbrook for a back-breaking 61-yard catch-and-run score to put the game on ice and spoil any chance of another Tom Brady comeback special.





This was a dispiriting effort for a New England club that was simply outmanned on both sides of the ball. Down 14-0 in the first half, Brady and play-caller Josh McDaniels were each seen screaming at offensive teammates to "Do your job!" Brady's 10-yard scramble in the third quarter was the team's second-longest run of the day in a one-dimensional attack. Facing creative double teams designed by defensive coordinator Todd Wash, All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski was limited to just 15 yards on two catches. With Julian Edelman serving a four-game suspension and the ground attack sputtering, Brady lacks the firepower to make defenses pay for devoting extra attention to Gronkowski.

ニューイングランドにとっては、落胆せざるを得ない試合で、攻守両面で相手に圧倒された。14対0のリードを許した前半、ブレイディとオフェンシブコーディネーターのジョシュ・マクダニエルの2人は、オフェンスの選手たちに「Do your job!」とハッパをかけたいた。3Qにはブレイディ自身がスクランブルで10ヤードを走ったが、それはランが出せずにパスに偏ったペイトリオッツにとっては、その10ヤード以上にゲインできたランは一度しかなかった。