僕はNFLオフィシャルサイトから、Elliot Harrison氏の作成したパワーランキング(辛口の言い回しが面白い)を毎週紹介していますが、今週はどうなっているでしょうか。一部を訳して紹介します。






Even the premier teams must survive the occasional dogfight, which is what Sean McVay's outfit found itself in on Sunday. No, these aren't the juggernaut "Legion of Boom" Seahawks from earlier this decade, but they sure as heck battled on Sunday, staying with the heavily favored Rams drive for drive. Don't look at this as Los Angeles playing down to lesser competition. We're talking about a divisional rivalry in the loudest stadium in the league. (OK, loudest next to Arrowhead.) Also worth noting: Jared Goff's wideouts were dropping like flies. And yet, the third-year quarterback piloted his offense down the field every time the Rams needed an answer to a Seahawks touchdown. Then he closed out the game by surging forward for a first down when McVay called his number on fourth-and-short from L.A.'s own 42-yard line. Put another way: 5-0 is 5-0. McVay: the anti-Jason Garrett.











Now that was what Chiefs fans had been waiting for. Not Patrick Mahomes heaving five touchdown passes, Tyreek Hill going airborne to bake a circus catch from scratch or Travis Kelce owning the middle of the field. No, #ChiefsKingdom desired a defensive performance worth bragging about. While Kansas City gave up a barbecue pit's worth of yards, points are what matter. (Yes, forget about the fact that the most commonly cited defensive ranking is "total defense," which measures yards allowed.) Bottom line: Create five takeaways and you're almost certainly going to hit the winner's circle. And remember: These Chiefs came into Week 5 pacing the league in third-down defense. Of course, just when I get all jacked up about the K.C. defense improving, Justin Houston suffers a hamstring injury and could miss multiple games. Crap.







Wonderful night for Drew Brees and the history of pro football on Monday. The 18th-year vet now owns the mark for most passing yards in a career, ahead of the likes of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Brett Favre. Following New Orleans' 43-19 win, "Total Access: Endgame" debated the Saints franchise quarterback's place among the NFL's all-time elite. The knock against Brees is that he has won "only" one Super Bowl, whereas guys like Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning, among others, have earned multiple Lombardi trophies. Well, that's dandy (and overly simplistic), but if you are going to consider a quarterback's ceiling -- i.e., how many championships he's won -- shouldn't you also take into account his floor? When have you ever seen Brees play poorly, or be the reason the Saints lost? Now, have you ever seen Manning or Joe Flacco stink up the joint? That's why I can't stand the wins metric for ranking quarterbacks. If the peanut gallery wants Flacco in its top tier of all time, so be it. Must be nice to walk out on the field and know your defense will hold the opponent under 20 points. How often has Brees' defenses in New Orleans provided that kind of support? Brees > Roethlisberger > Griese > Eli > Flacco > all but a select few passers to ever play the position. Period.



ニューオリンズが43対19で勝ったこのゲームが終わってから、「Total Access: Endgame」(※NFL専門の番組)では、ブリーズを歴代QBで何位にランキングさせるかを議論していた。




ブリーズがダメだったシーズンなんて見たことがあるか? ブリーズのプレーのせいでセインツが負けたことなんてあるか? それに比べて、マニングやジョー・フラッコの低いパフォーマンスをどれだけ見たか? それを考えると、「スーパーボウル勝利」だけをQBランキングの基準にはしたくない。


一部の見る目がない人がフラッコを歴代QBのトップグループに入れたいんなら、そうするがいい。味方のディフェンスが相手を20ポイント未満に抑えてくれると知りながらフィールドに出るのは、さぞ気分がいいことだろう。 ニューオリンズのディフェンスがそういったレベルでブリーズを助けたシーズンがどれほどあったことだろう?







Stuff got a little close for comfort there early in the fourth quarter last Thursday night, eh? The Patriots still carry their fair share of problems on defense, as Andrew Luck and a bunch of receivers who could only start for the Bills began producing in the second half. Then again, New England's defense merely needs to be viable, as the offense, all of a sudden, is virile. Josh Gordon brings an exciting vertical/red-zone element, while Julian Edelman reprises his role as Tom Brady's wubby. Then there's James White, lauded in this space multiple times before, and now finally receiving a bit of national due.








If there are no moral victories in the NFL, can we give the Seahawks an "E" for effort, a participation trophy (I know people who hate those) or something for that endeavor Sunday versus the Rams? Seattle has been in every game it's played this season. Despite all the negativity, the 'Hawks are 2-3 with three one-score losses, two of them to division leaders. Seattle has also scored more points than they've allowed. Simply put: Pete Carroll's retooled crew has fared better than most expected.

NFLには「精神的な勝利」がない(実際に勝たなければ意味がない)としても、シーホークスの努力を「不合格」とできるだろうか? (多くの人は嫌いだろうけど)参加賞とか、敢闘賞とか、そういったものをラムズと戦ったシーホークスに与えられないか? シアトルは今季すべての試合を逃げずに戦ってきた。今季のチームには様々なネガティブな要素がありながらも、ここまで2勝3敗。3敗は1ポゼッション以内の僅差での敗戦で、そのうち2試合は地区首位の強敵が相手だった。トータルすると、失点よりも得点の方が上回っているのだ。要するに、ヘッドコーチ、ピートキャロルが再構成したチームは、大方の予想より善戦している。