Is there still any doubt about New Orleans in the No. 1 slot? Immediately following an emotional win against a top-flight contender, the Saints went on the road and calmly blasted Cincinnati, 51-14. If there was any doubt early, it was quashed when Drew Brees and friends exploded for 28 unanswered points ... in the second quarter alone. The running backs put up three of those scores. In fact, Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara were a handful all day -- until they weren't needed anymore (like at all in the fourth quarter). Ingram posed 162 scrimmage yards and a touch, while Kamara added 102 more and two scores of his own. Good grief. How do you stop these guys? Can you imagine if they had Dez?
ニューオリンズを1位にランクさせるのに、もう疑問を呈する人などいるだろうか? 優勝候補のライバルに勝った(※week9でラムズに勝利)次の週、アウェーでシンシナティと対戦し、51対14。冷静に吹き飛ばした。



イングラムはトータル162ヤードと1TD、カマラは102ヤードと2TDを獲得した。やれやれ、どうすれば彼らをとめられるんだ? もしデズが無事だったらと想像すると恐ろしい。(※大物WRデズ・ブライアントがセインツと契約するも、練習中にケガ。1試合も出られずにシーズンエンドになってしまいました)





An exciting win came with the proverbial rain cloud, as Cooper Kupp was lost for the season. The sophomore wideout made more strides this season, and had just returned from a knee problem a few weeks ago. His loss will be felt. Sunday felt too close for comfort against the rival Seahawks ( again), but ultimately, two timely defensive plays made the difference: Ndamukong Suh's and Aaron Donald's split sack on third-and-5 near the Rams' goal line, forcing a Seattle field goal; and Dante Fowler Jr.'s strip-sack/recovery to set up Brandin Cooks' score late in the fourth quarter. Of course, other than those two stanzas, Wade Phillips' defense got ripped again.







As bad a midseason loss as we've see from the Patriots in a long time. This is typically the time of the season when New England imposes its will on foes. On Sunday, the offense couldn't pull out of neutral, managing just 284 total yards (way below the Pats' standard). The running game was especially putrid (40 yards on 19 carries), while the third-down conversion rate was a not-sterling 20 percent. Interesting nugget from NFL Research: Tom Brady went 1-for-6 against the blitz Sunday, taking three sacks. Over the last five games vs. the blitz, the Hall of Famer-to-be has completed 44.8 percent of his passes with a 56.4 passer rating. Sure, injuries up front have something to do with that. Look for New England to get healthier -- and better prepare to handle all these blitz packages -- during the bye week. Fantasy owners must have felt like this was the Patriots' bye week.




NFL Researchから、興味深いスタッツが出ている。QBトム・ブレイディはこの試合でブリッツを受けた際はパスは6回中1回のみ成功で被サックは3。直近の5試合では、ブリッツを受けた際には44.8%のパス成功率で、パサーレーティング56.4だ。ニューイングランドとしては、バイウィークの間にケガの回復とブリッツパッケージへの対策を期待しよう。




There is no doubt that Ben Roethlisberger has absorbed as many critical comments as he has knockdowns over the last few years. Whether it's because of poor performances versus lesser opponents on the road, or because he hasn't won the Super Bowl in 10 years, or it's personality-driven, Big Ben is not held in the same regard as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees. Yet, his performance this season, especially on Thursday night, only solidifies his Hall of Fame probability. Roethlisberger went 22-of-25 for 328 yards, five touchdowns and no picks. In prime-time games since 2014, he has now chucked 51 touchdowns against 11 interceptions with a 110.3 passer rating. Meanwhile, the Steelers have gone 17-4 in prime time during that same time frame, while averaging 30.3 points per game. Make no mistake: These guys are contenders again.






"That's what happens when you go cheap. You get your ass kicked." Dion Lewis didn't mince words. But his defense did make mincemeat of the Patriots' attack, disguising coverages and blitzes and doing anything it could to, as Mike Vrabel would suggest after the game, not let Tom Brady go to his first read. The Titans sacked the premier quarterback in NFL history three times while keeping Brady and his receivers out of the end zone.




(※訳注:didn't mince words=歯に衣を着せずに言う。 minceは「肉を細かく刻む、ミンチにする」の意味で、ルイスは自分の言葉をミンチにしなかったけど、タイタンズのディフェンスはペイトリオッツの攻撃をミンチにした、とつなげています)


The win was also relevant for all the fellas in Tennessee who once collected checks from Bob Kraft: Vrabel, GM Jon Robinson, CBs Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler and DC Dean Pees. The latter's game plan was an absolute masterpiece, perhaps the best-written item in Nashville since Waylon, Willie and the boys were cutting albums.



ピーズのゲームプランは、ナッシュビルで作られた作品のなかでは、「Waylon, Willie and the boys」のアルバム以来の最高の出来栄えだった(※)。


※訳注:Waylon JenningsとWillie Nelsonというカントリーミュージックのシンガーが、タイタンズの本拠地ナッシュビルで1960年代に活動。その時のアルバム以来となるマスターピース、と大げさにDCディーン・ピーズのゲームプランを褒めています。