Much of the country might see the Chiefs' three-point overtime win against the Ravens as a stumble -- but this space sees it as a glowing positive. Kansas City has not won a defensive battle all season, and although Sunday's affair would hardly be classified as a Neil Smith- and Albert Lewis-inspired defensive slugfest, the Chiefs' D made some huge stops. Justin Houston's strip-sack darn near won the day in regulation. Then Bob Sutton's group held the fort on the second possession of overtime. Ultimately, the Chiefs might be asked to win this style of contest in the postseason -- think about last year's playoff match with the Titans. Then again, don't think about it.

(*stumble=つまずき、よろめき/slugfest=(ボクシングの)殴り合い、けんか/hold the fort=とりでを守る、持ちこたえる/Ultimately=最後に、ついに、結局)








No matter how cruddy the Dolphins are, no matter what their record is, no matter what the Patriots' record is, New England can't buy a win in South Florida. Miami could be starting Cleo Lemon at quarterback and still beat Bill Belichick and Co. At issue Sunday was not just the wild endgame scenario, but also the end-half scenario, when Tom Brady uncharacteristically took a sack deep in Dolphins territory with no timeouts left, preventing the Pats from kicking a field goal. Then there was Stephen Gostkowski, who characteristically (at least, this year) missed a field goal and an extra point. Little things. Including having Gronk in to post up, only for him to instead turn into a safety at the worst time. Back-seat coaching: Why not use Josh Gordon as the center fielder there? Gordon can high-point balls and he maybe would have been agile enough to reach Kenyan Drake.

(*cruddy=価値のない、不快な/Back-seat coaching=後部座席からのコーチング。車の後部座席からドライバーに指示を出すように、無責任に批判をすること/agile=機敏な)



そして、キッカースティーブン・ゴスカウスキーは“彼らしく”(少なくとも今季の彼らしく)FGとエクストラポイントをミスした。そういった細部のツメが甘かった。それには、グロンクをフィールドに出し、結果最悪のタイミングで彼をセーフティの役目を担わせることになったことも含まれる。無責任な野次として言わせてもらえば、なぜジョシュ・ゴードンをその役目で使わなかった? 彼なら高いボールにも対応できるし、RBケニアン・ドレイクに追いつけたかもしれないのに。



Who wants to play the Seahawks right now? Anyone? Anyone? (Is this an appropriate time for a Ferris Bueller reference? No, overdone.) Seattle took care of business Monday night. That's really the only way to put it. The Seahawks traded blows with the Vikings in a defensively controlled contest, then let their top-ranked ground game take over, kind of like every other week during this win streak they have going. The 'Hawks ran a whopping 42 times for 214 yards -- the ninth time this season they've eclipsed 150 yards on the ground. Their leading rusher, Chris Carson, ran for 90 yards, which speaks to what a talented stable of runners Pete Carroll has, including his QB1. Who knows how the defense is playing so well, especially that young secondary. Again, who wants to play these Seahawks?

今のシーホークスと戦いたいと思う者がはたしているだろうか? 誰か? いますか?(ここで「フェリス・ビューラー」からセリフを引用するのは、正しいんだろうか? いや、やりすぎだろう※)シアトルは、マンデーナイトでなすべきことをした。ただ、そういう風にしか言えない。シーホークスはバイキングスと対峙し、守備が支配する殴り合いの展開で戦いあった。その後、この連勝の間毎週のように見せてきたのと同様にリーグトップのラン攻撃で優位を奪った。シーホークスは42回ランを出し214ヤード。今季150ヤードを超えたのは9回目となった。このゲームのリーディングラッシャーは90ヤード獲得のRBクリス・カーソン。HCピート・キャロルは、安定したRB陣を擁していることが分かる。そしてそのラン攻撃には、QBを加えることもできる。そして彼らは、ディフェンス、特に若いセカンダリーがいい状態だと理解している。もう一度聞こう。いったい誰がこのシーホークスと戦いたいと言うんだ?


(※訳注:放題「フェリスはある朝突然に」、原題「Ferris Bueller's Day Off」(フェリス・ビューラーのズル休みの意味)という映画に出てくる教師が、口癖で「誰か(わかりますか)?」と「Anyone?」を連発するのが元ネタのようです↓)

"Anyone, anyone" teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off - YouTube





For much of Sunday afternoon, it seemed the Cowboys would have to win in spite of their quarterback, which is a daunting prospect when you consider that even the best defenses eventually get worn out. Luckily for Dallas, Dak Prescott tossed a beauty to Amari Cooper in the fourth quarter to build a lead. Then Cooper proved his worth (high trade price be damned!) when he hauled in an underthrown go-route and turned it into a 75-yard score. And Cooper really proved his worth by outjockeying Eagles corner Rasul Douglas on an inaccurate Prescott throw to win in OT. Prior to the late unearthing of a passing attack, the Dallas defense was masterful, limiting Philadelphia to nine points following three Prescott turnovers. Hope the Rod Marinelli/Kris Richard 11 are otherworldly in the playoffs -- otherwise, the 'Pokes will be one-and-done.







※訳注:クーパーのオーバータイムのTDレシーブは、CBが弾いたボールを捕った、偶然性の高いプレーでした。そのため、英文元記事でも「really proved his worth」と、reallyを斜体で書いており、「半分冗談の意味でreally」と示しています。






Kudos to the Titans, who stayed relevant in the AFC wild-card race with a dominant showing versus the sad-sack Jags. Well, at least Tennessee made them look that way. The Titans' defense made life difficult for Cody Kessler, sacking him four times and pressuring him even more than that, while mostly taking away the Jacksonville running game. Also give some love to Derrick Henry, who equaled Tony Dorsett's 35-year-old record, running 99 yards for a touchdown. Like Dorsett, the feat required Henry to walk (trot) the tightrope down the sideline, with a wicked stiff-arm or three thrown in for good measure. Is it too soon to ask where that was all season? Henry outpaced his per-game average entering Week 14 (39.5 rushing yards) by 198.5 yards.

(*Kudos=名声、賞賛/sad-sack=へまなやつ(一生懸命だが不器用な人)/feat=注目すべき行い、偉業/ for good measure=そのうえさらに、おまけに)

タイタンズに拍手を。「サッド・サック・ジャガーズ」に圧勝して、AFCのワイルドカード争いにしっかりと加わっている。まあ、すくなくともワイルドカード争いに参加しているように見える状態にはなっている。タイタンズディフェンスは、QBコーディー・ケスラーを苦しめ、4回のサックを奪い、幾度となくプレッシャーをかけ続けた。そして同時に、ジャクソンビルのラン攻撃をほとんど封じた。そして、RBデリック・ヘンリーに愛を。彼は35年前にトニー・ドーセットが記録したTDランの99ヤードという記録に並んだ。ヘンリーの素晴らしいランはドーセットの時と同様に、サイドライン際をギリギリ駆け抜けて、そのうえ3回のスティフアームを加えたものだった。今までどうして鳴りを潜めていたんだ、と聞くのは早すぎるだろうか? ヘンリーはweek13までの1試合平均(39.5ヤード)を、198.5ヤード上回る走りを見せたのだ(238ヤード)。