Q: Has it hit you yet that you are actually going back?

BRADY: “To the Super Bowl? It hasn’t. It is hard to imagine. Yeah, it is a great feeling. I think we have overcome a lot this year. Down but not out, and we found a way to play our best the last four games ? Buffalo, Jets, had the bye, played great against the Chargers and played really well today. We are going to need one more great game. That was a great way to end it. I was probably as excited as I have been in a long time. A lot of things, one play here or one play there could change everything, but that is football. I am just proud of our team.”



トム・ブレイディ:スーパーボウルに? ああ、そうだね。想像できないほどだ。最高の気分だ。今季は多くのことを乗り越えてきた。(12月に)負けたけど、そこで終わらせずに、なんとか自分たちのベストを出してこの4試合を戦った。(レギュラーシーズンの)バッファロー戦、ジェッツ戦、プレーオフのバイ・ウィークがあって、それからチャージャーズを相手に最高の内容でプレーして、今日も(チーフスに対して)とてもいいプレーができた。あと1試合、最高のプレーをする必要がある。そうできれば最高の締めくくりだ。この数年の間でも、今が一番興奮している。(今日の試合では)多くのことがあった。試合の結果を変えるようなギリギリのプレーが何度もあった。だけどそれがフットボールだ。今はただ、チームを誇りに思う。


Q: How do you stay so calm in the biggest moments, especially when your team is down and you have to drive the team right back?

BRADY: “Part of playing sports is just staying in the moment. We always say one play at a time and you can’t make up for things that happen in the past. You just have to think about what you are going to do moving forward. Start of the fourth quarter, they scored. We are up three to start the fourth quarter. What a great opportunity to be against this team and to be ahead three in the fourth quarter with a chance to win is pretty sweet. They blew so many teams out this year. It is just a great opportunity for us, and we took advantage of it.” 


Q:どのようにしてあなたは、最重要の場面で冷静にいられるのですか? 特に、チームが負けていて、リードを奪い返す必要のあるドライブで冷静でいられるのは?



Q: You dominated time of possession in this game. How big of a part of the gameplan was that and how much responsibility on offense did you feel to possess the ball to help your defense by keeping Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes off the field?

BRADY: “It was good. They have an explosive offense with (Travis) Kelce and (Tyreek) Hill, and Patrick, the way he played – he played a great game. You play on the road, it is going to be tough. What travels is running the ball and playing tough. That is good in any weather, any condition, any environment and any stadium. That was a big part of our game. Sony (Michel) ran his butt off. Rex (Burkhead) ran his butt off. I have been swearing too much the last 30 minutes so I am trying to cut back for a little bit (laughter). It is just a great game.”

Q:このゲームで、ペイトリオッツはボールのポゼッションタイムでチーフスを圧倒しました。ゲームプランの中で、それはどの程度重要でしたか? また、オフェンスがボールを保持してすることで、チーフスのQBパトリック・マホームズをサイドラインに留めておくという役割を、重要だと感じていましたか?




Q: Is there something a little sweeter about this win, given the struggles during the season, the doubts about the team entering the postseason and winning on the road?

BRADY: “When you have 70,000 people cheering against you, it is pretty sweet when you win on the road. It is a hard thing to do in the NFL. It is certainly a hard thing to do against the first-ranked team in the conference who has been playing well all year and certainly playing well at home. We knew it was going to take a lot. It obviously took into overtime. It took some great plays and great conversions. Just proud of us getting the job done.”

















Sports Illustrated Tom Brady Turns 40 Special Tribute Issue: Happy Birthday TB12

Sports Illustrated Tom Brady Turns 40 Special Tribute Issue: Happy Birthday TB12