The Patriots keep winning, with everyone contributing. On Sunday, Josh Gordon made his presence felt -- trucking Bears defenders en route to a near catch-and-run touchdown -- even if he did fail to bat down that Hail Mary ball at the end. Which brings me to Duron Harmon, who deserves kudos for his heads-up approach to that bang-bang play. It was difficult to decipher who made the catch, but Harmon saw that Chicago receiver Kevin White was lumbering forward with the football, a foot away from forcing overtime. That's when Harmon was Duronny-on-the-spot with a stiff tackle. James White must need a stiff drink, considering how many little things he does -- and how many hits he absorbs while doing them.










Who wants to have a morsel of box-score fun from Sunday night's shellacking of Cincy? Pretend it's 1998, when you still needed to monitor your fantasy team (which featured Tony Gonzalez as your TE and Eddie George as your RB1) by poring over the USA Today sports section. Stat talk: Kansas City ran up 551 yards of offense, an insane number against a defense with the talent level of the Bengals. Patrick Mahomes threw four touchdown passes. Kareem Hunt averaged almost 6 yards per carry and scored three times. Eight Chiefs caught passes from Mahomes, with none going over 100 yards -- that's hard to do when the quarterback chucks it for 358. Going to the other side ... K.C.'s defense might not be of the 1969 variety, but 10 points allowed is 10 points allowed. Bob Sutton's unit gave up all of 239 yards. #ChiefsKingdom

ベンガルズを打ちのめしたこの試合で、誰がゲームの記録をつけるのを楽しめると言うんだ? 1998年の時代に自分がいると想像してみて。自分のファンタジーチーム(TEにトニー・ゴンザレス、RB1にエディ・ジョージがいる)の得点をつけるのに、USAトゥデイのスポーツ欄とにらめっこだった時代を。







The Saints stay planted in the cleanup spot, with their head coach's stamp all over Sunday's win. Think of Sean Payton calling a successful fake punt on the opening drive. Exhibit B of Payton's panache: Up 21-17 with three minutes to go on first-and-10, a situation in which nearly every team in the league would turn conservative, Brees threw a back-shoulder fade deep downfield to undrafted TE3 Dan Arnold. How about going for it on fourth-and-1, when New Orleans was trailing by three in the fourth quarter and already in field-goal range? (That's not to mention calling for Brees on a quarterback leap over the top.) Then, on the next play, Payton called for a run on a pitch play to his other quarterback, Taysom Hill. That went for 11 yards. Again, protecting a narrow lead with only 2:15 left and the opponent holding a timeout, 90 percent of the coaches in the league would have called a running play on third-and-3, hoping for a 3-yard gain to force the other head coach to burn his last timeout. Payton called for his quarterback to roll out and go for the first down through the air. New Orleans didn't get it, but you get the point.


(※訳注:cleanup spot=(野球の打順で)4番)











The opportunities were there for the Bears, who took it to the Patriots in the first half Sunday. The second half was a different story, as Chicago was stuck in catch-up mode. Unfortunately, despite the 31 points on offense, the Saints they're not. Before connecting with his wideouts three times on the final drive -- including Kevin White on that startling Hail Mary -- Trubiskers only managed to complete five of his passes to wide receivers. Most of his 22 completions up to that point had been to the backs and tight ends. Even with Taylor Gabriel's resurgence, the Bears must develop an air attack outside.





The Broncos rescued their 2018 season Thursday night, then added a few more life preservers by blowing the Cardinals out of the water. The score was 35-3 at halftime. Von Miller and Co. posted six sacks, while taking two turnovers to the house in the first half. As for Miller, he was all motor, as if to send the message that Denver would only waste another season of his prime over his dead body. The poor Cards averaged 2.6 yards per play in the first half. Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders (158.3 passer rating) was more effective than any quarterback in this game. Heckuva response to a losing streak, eh, Broncos fans? Word.





ブロンコスのWRエマニュエル・サンダース(1TDパスを投げパッサーレーティング158.3)は、この試合で1番のQBだ。なんてデカい連敗ストップだ。ブロンコス・ファンよ、どうだい? 文句あるかい?